Target group

The target group has the following number and social status:

  • 100 teachers from Sofia – teaching in I-ІV classes; V-VIII Classes and VIII to XII class with experience in ICT;
  • 30 teachers from schools in the country, part of the Moodle community and with  experience and achievements in e-Learning;
  •  20 ICT lecturer from  universities in Sofia and the country;
  •  12 teachers and academics from Portugal with the experience and best practices in e-Learning.

The planned activities are consistent with the common interests and achievements of the representatives of the target groups in the field of e-Learning. The Portuguese partners are part of the Moodle community, with extensive experience in developing electronic tutorials and techniques for working with ICT and are therefore valuable to their Bulgarian colleagues. They, in turn, have manifested interest in innovations in the development and implementation of web-based training which is a prerequisite for the realization of the bilateral exchange of best practices on these  issues. The experience of the University lecturers in the theory of e-Learning and their competences as trainers make them essential as participants in the planned activities. The experts-methodologists who will develop the training programs will enrich the database of teaching materials needed for the practical application of e-Learning and enhancement of the professional skills of the target group – one of the strategic objectives of the funding program.

During the project visit in Portugal,which will be attended by representatives of all target groups,  surveillance and investigation of the best practices of Portuguese teachers in the use of ICT in education will be carried out which will enrich the educational practice of Bulgarian teachers. The implementation of the training activities for the representatives of the teaching community from the metropolitan schools will satisfy their need for new knowledge and skills in ICT in the direct education process.  During thethematic conferencethere will be an exchange of ideas andgood practices,  and conditions will be created for future partnerships. Our Portuguese partners, who have built their own affiliate network, willparticipate in the forum too. Their participation will increase the contingent of teachers and schools wishing to be part of the European Moodle community. The developed training programs will be translated into English and thus made universally applicable to the group of learners and available to the partners. Information about them will be uploaded on the information platform, developed for the needs of the Project.

Expected impact on target groups

During the implementation of the project activities, they will gain confidence in their abilities, will exchange information and experience and will make interpersonal contacts.The trained teachers will increase their competence in issues that will improve the quality of education services and will contribute to the sustainability of the proposal.The implementation of the envisaged project activities will contribute to the creation of an information database for the promotion of e-Learning opportunities.The implementation of project activities will contribute to increase the Moodle community, which will also increase sustainability of the project.

The implementation of the project will improve the exchange of information between the applicant and the partners, which is an indicator of its sustainability.It will be replicated through the universal applicability of the developed training programs  and the relevance of the thematic focus of the project –  the possibilities of e-Learning.

The possibility to exchange experiences with their Portuguese colleagues and to use good teaching practices is an activity with considerable social impactfor the Bulgarian teachers that will ensure sustainability of the project. It is supported by the innovative nature of its thematic area, the actuality of the problem and the institutional sustainability of the partners.

The teachers who are engaged in research will give publicity to their work andthe project results through publications and participation in round tables, conferences, seminars. This will give an opportunity forthe replication of the project’s experiences and will also attractother schools in the country to the Moodle community.