Project objectives

Overall objective(s):Implementation of the policy for the introduction of e-Learning in the Bulgarian education as part of a European strategy for lifelong learning.

Specific project objectives:Exchange of the best practices in e-Learning between the Bulgarian and Portuguese partners and expanding Moodle community which will support the implementation of the horizontal principles of the funding program as follows:

  • Gender equality and prevention of discrimination based on sex, race, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation will be achieved through equal participation of target groups in carrying out project activities;
  • Innovation and implementation of policies will be ensured by  the specifics of the project activities – exchange of good practice in e-learning and the parameters of the target group – teachers and professors;
  • Partnership – the inclusion of all partners is achieved through careful selection of partners –  institutions from Bulgaria and Portugal with a strong reputation and achievements in the implementation of e-Learning;
  • Sustainable development is achievable on the importance of the issue and the value of the end products of project activities;
  • The good governance of  programs and projects is correctly reflected in paragraph 1.2.2. form.

The practical methods used for the project implementation are consistent with the specificity of its thematic scope and target group. Observation, comparison, analysis and synthesis will be used as basic scientific methods during the study visit to Portugal in order to explore the experiences of the Portuguese partner in the field of e-learning, as well as the activity and specificity of the Moodle-learning community. This format will allow greater efficiency in information exchange and will contribute to  the overall goals and specific objectives of the project.

Applying Synectics during the visit toPortugal in the implementation of E-Learning in education and the Moodle platform is also a method that will be used in the realization of the idea and is related to its innovativeness.

The developing and maintaining of an information platform site is a prerequisite for general accessibility and universality of the results of project activities that will enrich European pedagogical practice.

Analysis of needs will be carried out through a survey which  is the most accurate method to diagnose the needs of teachers of training related to ICT application in education.

Training sessions are a practical method that will contribute most fully to enhance their qualifications.Using traditional and interactive methods (lecture, exhibition, SWOT – analysis, brainstorming, Synectics, inventics, the technique “Subsequent reflection”, etc.) the trainers will provide opportunities for teachers to get acquainted with the educational platform Moodle, as well as with the Bulgarian software Envision. Teacherswill learn how to use for educational purposes some well-known and some new programs such as PowerPoint 2010, Prezi and Adobe Presenter 7 and Camtasia Studio 7.

The discussion that will take place during the conference will create the right conditions for exchanging information, sharing of best practices in real time and with the participation of representatives of the applicant and partners. Information rubric and chat room to the website will be created to ensure maximum mobility of information exchange. The 4 thematic presentations – for teachers and trainers at all levels of degrees, will enrich the educational theory in the field of eLearning.

Applying the deduction as philosophical reasoning will be used to develop training programs for the needs of the project which will correct the identified deficits of educational literature on the problem and will make the project idea popular. Their translation in English will make them more universally applicable and important for many potential users.

The Applicant and the Bulgarian partner have participated and made a similar set of methods for practical realization of activities and have the experience and resources to deal with this proposed project.