Multiplying effect of the project activities

The project activities will support the implementation of the educational model to introduce e-Learning in Bulgarian education. The final products of the activities will enrich the teaching practice with new ideas, shared during the thematic conference,a new methodology,applicable in Bulgarian schools,and qualified pedagogical staff.The multiplying effect of the project results will be ensured by the quality of these products and their universal applicability.The E-learning opportunities provide along-lasting positive impact on target groups and correspond to the objectives of the scheme, supporting lifelong learning.The exchange of good practices in e-Learning between the Bulgarian and the Portuguese partners will have a favorable impact on the work of the applicant and the project partners and will directly increase the motivation to learn and upgrade the skills of the target group. This in turn will multiply the positive effects of the project activities among the general pedagogical and teaching audiences.The enlargement of the Moodle community, as afinal result of all project activities will increasethe information flow of thematic issues and the inclusion of many new users of educational services. The repeated implementation ofthe developed educational programs, written in Bulgarian and English, will achieve significant multiplying effect not only in Bulgaria but also abroad. The programs will be applicable in Bulgarian schools abroad, and can also be used by all members of the Moodle community.

The promotion ofthe results of the project activities will have an additional multiplying effect for the implementation of the best teaching practices.

Additional multiplying effect will be achieved through the practical implementation of the successful partnership between the applicant and its partners.